Spam bots on phpbb

I am getting a lot of users on my forum who seem to be robots. Does anybody have advice for fixing this?

If I rename those images with the scrambled up codes (or add new ones) would that stop it? And if so, where are those files? I’ve looked for them and can’t find them.

I get quite a few as well. From what I gather they use the members list to improve their search ranking. As search engines have access to the list. Two things you could do that will help later on. 1)Block search engines from viewing the list, 2) Remove the members website from the list.

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I bookmarked this one when I found it, but I have never used any of the “ingredients” myself so I have no practical experience with them. E.g. resource hogging.

Modifying the memberlist would work if bots cared: to actually prevent spam, the best methods are implemented at the registration stage. is down at the moment, so I really can’t give you the appropriate MODs for this; the simplest solutions are all from, so you’re out of luck until the site comes back up. (Which, hopefully, shouldn’t be much longer.)
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

I had a forum that ran on phpbb that had these kind of problems, plus some hacking attempts.

Good things to do with phpbb to increase security:

  • .htacess the admin directory
  • Remove the version number from the skin
  • .htaccess modcp.php

To decrease spam signups:

.htaccess profile.php (put a message telling what to enter) - this reduced spam sign ups by 99% in my case - eliminates any robotic spidering or activation of the join up bit e.g:


AuthType Basic AuthName "To protect against automated bots, enter user:abc pass:123" AuthUserFile "/your/path/.httpasswd/phpbb2/" Require valid-user

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Thanks a lot for all the suggestions. I will look for mods on phpbb’s site and mess around with the .htaccess.