Spam bomb - looking for help/advice


Hello -

I’m having a bit of a problem with some joker spam bombing me from ~171 addresses/domains. I started adding filters, but realized that they may eat up a ton of resources, so I’m not sure what to do. (and it would take a long time to add all 171)

Anything incoming from these need to go to dev/null but i’m not sure how to get them there without filters. I can’t catch any wrongly flagged real emails in the spam filter because of these. Is there a more efficient way to delete these before they get checked for spam?

Here’s the list:


Do they have any common text in the body? Keyword filters can handle some global entries.



I just checked what I currently have and was unable to find anything, even the fake unsubscribe line is different in each


The only commonality I see is that they’re all “noreply” from a .org. Being lazy, I’d just add a rule in my mail client to delete “noreply” messages from .org addresses.

Are you still getting them?



i thought about using the noreply, but wondered if that would also block a lot of legitimate stuff using noreply.

Yeah I’m still getting them constantly, I’ve done a whois and went to the domain provider since it’s all private and filed spam reports with them, doubt it will get anywhere though.


wonder if a noreply@*.org would work in the filters