Spam Assassin

Is there going to be any improvement in Spam Assassin?

For Spam Assassin to be effective at the very least it needs to implement network checking (against black hole database and known spammers). The DreamHost installation doesn’t do this.

Also, I have found it very useful to be able to tweak the scores for particular rules – not available.

Another highly powerful tool is Bayesian learning in SA – not available either.

The current Junk Mail filtering system is not effective. It’s a major problem (probably the only serious problem I have with DreamHost, which is in other respects superior).


Many, including myself run Spamassassin locally out of our accounts to enable the features you list.

There are many ways to do it… either search this forum for posts, or try the wiki directions:

Its not as useful for multiple users… though I guess you could point them all at one directory install… but… etc etc.

It works well if you’re willing to take a few moments to set it up.


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The installation process seemed rather daunting to me.