Spam Assassin

Domains I have blacklisted are still leaking through. They seem to use a random subdomain. I added wildcards to compensate, but it doesn’t work. All items in the blacklist concerning the domain are Priority 6. Maybe that is the problem?

I’m having the same issue – seems that on some occassions my blacklist domains are getting caught, but on others they are not. Anyone have any clues on why this is happening?

Also, on a similar note, it would appear to be more useful at times to use the “Return-Path” as the blacklist determining factor rather than “Sender/Sent-From” – is there any way to get that option added to the blacklist criteria?

I came by to post about this exact same problem. One domain in particular (which is not using a subdomain) gets through every time, no matter how I set up the blacklist. Did any of you guys figure out the problem yet?