Spam Assasin-from is my server on DH

Spam Assasin works pretty well. Each time the filter catches something, I deal with the email and either white- or blacklist it.

I don’t get these quarantined messages very often, so I don’t know whether this latest message I received is something to be extra-concerned about or not.

The “from” is the name of my server on DH. Plus, there is an actual email address. I’m thinking that this is just how the server re-routes the message to my quarantine instead of sending it through to my inbox. Do messages that go directly to quarantine have “from” as the name of my DH server? Should I be concerned about this?

is the username (the part before the @) the same one of your shell or ftp accounts? Did you view the contents of the email? It is possible that a script or web application on your account generated an email for some reason.