Spam Assasin Configuration


Any one suggest anything I can do to ‘tweak’ these settings, I currently have a setup of:

Tag: 1 Quarantine: 3

However while some mail is getting marked as spam a lot is not, when I view the headers the Qauarntine Level is set as -999…

So I wonder if others are having better luck, also with regard to filtering the DSPAM tag am I better using the filter via the dhost panle OR the

To be honest I have not had any success setting the filters so am looking for some advice from others who may have gotten better results.


You set these options from for that specific email address? That’s what I’ve done and my changes are reflected in the mail headers received at that address.

I have my settings set to 3:3. I, uhhh, wouldn’t know if I’m getting false positives, but legitimate mail is scored very low and I’ve never heard complaints from anybody who claimed to have sent me something I’ve never received.