Space Usage


I know I’m nowhere near my limits, but I recently uploaded about 65 photos, all over 7 mbs yet when I check out my site usage on the web panel, every stat there says <10 mbs for all users, database etc.

I have one domain hosted on here, but I created a subdomain and the photos are on the subdomain.

What I want to know is whether that’s normal or whether I somehow did something wrong. I don’t want to find out at a later stage I was somehow doing something wrong if I do start using more space.

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It appears that this might be part of a “known issue” that DreamHost is reported to be having at the moment.

This post by user Eikie has some additional information

It could also be that if you uploaded the images within the last 24 hours that the quota is just not updated yet (it is only updated once every day).



I uploaded them on Friday so it should already be on the stats.

Sorry about the new topic, I did do a search but it didn’t show me that thread. Perhaps I did something wrong…

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