Space and bandwidth

Dear All,

So is this the place to host all my podcasts (andy maybe those of my clients) - or sould I be publicly flogged just for thinking of it?

Maybe, but I thought the “crazy idea” market was already cornered.

There’s always room for more.

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You can absolutely host your podcasts here! Dreamhost offers incredible amounts of space and bandwidth because they know the majority of their users will never utilize it. However, this does not mean some people don’t!

Plus, if something doesn’t work out, there’s always the 97-day money back guarantee.

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OK so whats the deal if I go over the allotted bandwidth and are there any situations where the 97 day money back deal would not apply - e.g. is it only with credit cards, not debit cards.

If you go over your bandwidth, you’re charged by the GB, based on your plan. L1 plans pay $1 per GB of overage on bandwidth. You can always upgrade your plan before that happens, though!

Regarding the money-back guarantee, the DreamHost Wiki says that it’s only for credit cards. Now as you know, when you use your debit card, it can either be a debit transaction (with a PIN) or a credit transaction (without a PIN). I would guess that if you did the latter (which is the only method I think DreamHost supports), you’d be covered. However, it never hurts to check by sending a message to customer support!

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Isn’t there any way to stop cost for over usage? There might be a way to limit usage. But i think by the help of the weekly increase it will not need to pay extra money usually and therefore, before getting over usage webmaster can easily upgrade to a higher plan(thats the right decision).

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You can set your web site to switch to a throttled version once you go over a certain amount from the panel. go to:

and click on the “disabled” link on the BW Throttling column to enable throttling.

Thats much more better than only suspending the account.Thanks a lot.

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