Sort of confused

Sorry for the inconvenience, I have a quick question I registered for a new account using the LifeHacker promo code/link … I currently can’t access my online banking account to check what I was charged in total… My real question is was I charged just the 19.50? I already have my own domain and all I just need to know I wasn’t charged more than that. How can I go about finding this out right now I’m going to the bank tomorrow but I just need to know, I don’t want to go over my credit and be charged 119.00 and pay more for going over my limit! Thanks!
When I check my account balance or whatever it says this Service Plans

(1 plan on this account)
Plan Billing Started Ends
Happy Hosting
Happy Hosting

$119.40 yearly ($9.95 per month)

(Discounted to $19.40 for your first year!) 2013-08-13 Charged Thru 2014-08-12

but when I go to edit payment it says
Current Account Balance
Current Balance: $100.00 [POSITIVE BALANCE]
All paid up. Thank you! … WAS I charged 100 dollars? Promo said 19.50 first year? SO I’M CONFUSED!

Check out your View Invoices page (and click Display Invoice). That page shows that you have a balance due of $19.40 since you received a $100 credit. You don’t have to worry about paying this fee until your free trial is over, which looks to be Aug. 13:

“(Note: Don’t worry about paying the $19.40 you owe until 2013-08-13.)”

I hope that clears things up :slight_smile:

AWESOME!!! Thanks for clearing that up for me! Appreciate your rapid response.

:wink: You got it! If you have any other questions that are specific to your account’s billing/invoices, please feel free to reach out to our support team here:

We’ll be happy to take a look!