Sorry- very new

I’m brand new to this. My website is under my friend’s account, and he set up a very provisional webpage for me, using high-tech programming codes and such. He told me there’s not a way to design it myself and have editing ability, but I think that’s not true? Another friend is hosted on another site and he’s able to make his own web page design and change it whenever he likes. I need to know how to do this, and really from the most incredibly basic instruction. Once I get into the design mode, I’m probably good, but anything having to do with the web I’m totally green.

Thanks for help.

Your friend is, indeed, lying to you. With a cms (content management system) you can get your website up and running with minimal effort and the ability to have dynamic content. It only takes a little more know-how to install custom themes for most of them you have either downloaded for free or paid for (I’ve never paid for a theme EVAR). If you have an account here you can go to the one-click installs and install wordpress. Its very easy to learn and there are many free themes available from but I do believe you can import themes directly from the admin interface in wordpress. Now wordpress is excellent for a blog type site but you can use it for different types of websites too. There is also concrete5 available from the one-clicks but since you are a total newbie go with wordpress :slight_smile:

While you are playing around with wordpress you may want to google some html basic tutorials. Its always good to learn the lingo of the web. You can get into other stuff like css (cascading style sheets), php, ajax, etc but start with basic html first and css next. Once you have wrapped your head around those two things editing themes and making your own will be a LOT easier (its impossible without the knowledge of them).

Thanks so much- sorry this has been so long- this will be a slow process for me as my time to even take your advice is incredibly limited…

I am at the point of installing wordpress. I’d of course prefer to do a simple install but it seems to not be an option, so I’m looking at the custom install and am unsure what to put in the “install to” and “select database” fields. That’s as far as I am.

I have a domain registered, but no domains hosted on my account (I’m hosted on my friend’s account). i think i noticed that I’m supposed to be fully hosted to support wordpress? Basically, when I’m on the manage account page, everything is 0 except for the one registered domain.

Sorry- i know these are probably simple questions but i’m so unfamiliar with this.

Is your friend hosted here at DH? If so you should contact support and ask them what you need to do to get it moved over into your account. If its with another registrar you can either transfer registration to DH or keep it where it is and update the name servers to point to DH. I would recommend transferring to something you have exclusive control over though considering the line your friend gave you. Anyhow once you have the name server stuff taken care of its just a matter of going to manage domains and adding the domain to be fully hosted. Then go to the one-click installs and pick wordpress. On install to there will be a drop down and it will have the domain that you had added to be fully hosted. You don’t have to put anything after the / unless you want the wp files to be installed to for example. For the select database you can just leave it on automatically create database.

While you are waiting to get your domain name stuff straightened out these two links should be helpful to you: