" sorry there was a problem... please try again!"


I was a former DH user… Closed my account last year, and moved on to another provider.

Well, I wanted to try dreamhost’s email , so I signed up and paid the 1.99

But, every time I try to add my domain, and click use parked page and hit next, I get a red box with
" SORRY THERE WAS A PROBLEM… PLEASE TRY AGAIN!" that flashes across the screen every time I retry.

Can someone tell me what is going on?


*EDITED 7/25/22: * The reason I dumped dreamhost in the first place, was because of that time ( a year or two ago) when email went down for like a whole week…

Hi… Quick update:

I created a support ticket and they said that the reason that I was getting this error was because my domain was still associated with my old account even though, I closed my account. Or at least I thought I did.

One last thing, I need to know what are the pop and smtp server info for dreamhost?