Something's making my podcast enclosures disappear

Hello to the wordpress folks. I’ve got a stumper for you.

I have a feed run by power press and I started getting complaints the feed was not working. Upon further investigation I noticed my enclosures weren’t being built. that is, downcast the app I use to test the podcast said no media even though I can dl it from the website. I have tried

  1. reinstalling wordpress with the old database and

2 reinstalling wordpress with a new data base.

  1. disabling all caching plugins and in all cases uninstalling them yet something is pulling a site from october 4th and it should not be. I’ve taken a loo at my .htaccess file and the’s no caching lines in there. If anyone else has any ideas I’d love to hear them. Here is the site.

there is only 1 podcast post on there for you to test. The feed is

I’m fresh out of ideas. there is only 1 plugin so ignore the extra code that is there as my other plugins are not activated at the moment.

running wordpress 3.6.1 and twentythurteen theme default.
I contacted dream host support and they don’t know what’s going on either as I have no caching going on on their shared servers. I’m very stumped and a bit frustrated as some of my podcasts are paid and I want to get back up and running so I don’t loose clients.


To add to the confusion, I can grab the feed in itunes but not down cast and some android pod catchers. I’m uisng the custom channel feed as I don’t want to use the default one just yet. and converting 300 episodes to default with power press is not pleasent. Any help would be be appreciated.


There’s no htaccess file at all on for one, so that’s going to be a problem no matter what. I added in the default .htaccess for WP for you but of course that won’t magically fix the fact that you have normal permalinks on. is the listen page I guess?

But that’s a separate issue really.

I checked on my RSS reader (ttrss) and I see the enclosures just fine:

The last entry I see is October 5th.

“Neal takes a look at the zoom h6 recorder. He has several podcasts out on the unit but the place it was hosted at has now pod faded.”