Something wrong with my domain

I has been register my domain through DH, and your system tell me the domain register successful, the whois show me its mine, but in my DH account, i can’t see my domain. Something wrong?

By following your link, it seems to me that your DNS is pointing to dreamhost, and your account is set up. I got a direcotory list, so that means that you just need to upload an index page and you’ll see that when you go to your domain.

You’ll need to FTP in to your account using the user that you associated the domain with. When you’ve loged in, you should see a folder labeled - upload your files into that directory.

Good luck


yes, anything is good, but except one, my domain dont list in my registered domain list. I register this domain through DH, but i can’t see where is my domain control panel. So how i can control my domain? maybe not need now, but i think i have the right to have full control of my domain.
And in the Domains > Registrations it say:
You have no domains registered through DreamHost on “bizfocus’s Account”!
Someone help me to solve this problem?

You should see it in Domains==>Manage domains

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But i can’t see it anywhere. I know where i must find it, but i don’t appear like i expected.

Are you sure you’ve loged into the panel with the user who owns that domain? If you registered the domain thorugh dreamhost you should see it listed panel > Domains > Registrations. You shoudl also see a listing under Panel > Domains > Manage domains as I got a directory listing.

If it’s not there, and you’re sure you’ve loged into the panel correctly, you should contact support.


I’m sure im login with the correct user, and i already contact support, they(contact robot) send me all email(billing, domain registration,hosting…) i received since i’m signup, but i not received yet any response from support-man.