Something is amiss

I’ve had a few strange problems crop up today:

  1. My self-compiled PHP CGI mysteriously started throwing 500 errors – the culprit was that my cgi-bin directory lost its execute privs
  2. Email is bypassing my custom procmail rules
  3. My home directory now is owned by root:staff meaning I can’t create new files
  4. SSH now requires I use password authentication, even though my public key is in .ssh/authorized_keys2 and has worked up until today

Anyone else having troubles?

which servers are you on? is the one I login to, but my home directory is symlinked to /home/.gambart/dphiffer. I think my mail server is

When you go to your webadminpanel, and then to Domains >> DNS, What is Type “MX” set to, and what is “www” set to?

Oh my, there are quite a few entries. I guess malt (for www) and spork (for mail) are the ones that keep coming up consistently.

That sounds like something that was either done intentionally by us for some reason or a goofup somewhere. Either way you need to contact our support.

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Yeah, I’ve done that. My procmail problem is fixed, but I’m not sure about the other things. Feedback has been minimal.

I responded to this directly. There was a problem on the server and our support team did not notice it right away. It only affected this one user account.

  • Dallas
  • DreamHost Head Honcho/Founder