Something happened, and my site is no longer fully hosted


Hello all,

I have a few questions. I jumped into this yesterday, bought a domain name and installed wordpress. I ended up messing something up, I believe, and my domain is no longer fully hosted. It can only do DNS, whereas before I could access FTP with it. The site is up (, but i’d like to have a full host with a custom download of wordpress for future tinkering. Can someone please help me get started? I have no problem deleting everything on the domain and beginning again, if that’s what it takes. I suspect that might actually be easier! And fyi, if this helps: I have no SQL database, but I don’t know if that’s important.

Thank you very much in advance, I plan to take everything much slower once I get started correctly.



go to the panel and click on ‘one-click installs’. choose ‘advanced’

by the way, your website works fine.