Someone Please Hold Me :(


Someone please Hold Me :frowning:
I have been a dreamhost customer (mostly happy) since November 2006, a couple of days ago my sites went down, I got a an email explaining the downtime,( my server was being moved to new hardware ) and thought they would be up again within a few hours. 3 Full days after the fact all my sites are still down, the sites themselves are not that critical, a webcomic, my art and Design Webpage, and my Web Development Site.Now, if the problem was just that I couldn’t send some people to my sites, it wouldn’t be that bad, I mean 3 days + about 4-5 other days a year that they are down is not that big deal for the price, I know you get what you pay for.

This is what’s wrong: As a web developer I usually use my dreamhost account to test bits and pieces of code, I haven’t been able to do this since I can’t access anything, I am staring at my computer right now with a mix of anger and impotence since I have a client that needs something and configuring one of my computers to run as a server to emulate what I need is going to take me at least an hour. Then there’s the actual support that I am getting, no phone support ( try getting a number out of this site), and they are ignoring my ticket, if you are curious, here’s my panel info:

Current Outage: DreamHost server Microscopium being moved to new hardware (updated 44 mins 43 secs ago)
We’re very sorry for the continued issues you’ve been having with your service. As you are already aware, the server you’re on, “microscopium” has been having stability issues. The machine had a hard drive failure and we’ve moved it to new hardware. We are in the process of copying data to the new machine now. Unfortunately, during this process the new server has been experiencing higher than normal loads under the increased strain of the data copying over, in addition to its normal functions.
We’ve upgraded the servers network connection yesterday so the restore is going a lot quicker, but that didn’t do anything to improve the stability, unfortunately. Our admin team has been trying several things through the night to get this server running smoothly again and will continue to focus on the machine until it is working like it should. I am afraid the machine has become unresponsive at this time, but our administrators are working as quickly as possible to get it up and running once more.
Sites on the server are still timing out or giving a ‘bad_httpd_conf’ error (because Apache updates are failing due to the load). We’re doing everything they can to improve the stability on this server while the restore completes. We appreciate your patience while we get the remaining issues on this server worked out. We will be updating this announcement again shortly once we have any new information on the situation. The amount of support this issue has generated has gotten us a little behind on replying. If you submitted a support request regarding this issue, we are doing our best to get back to you ASAP.

DreamHost Support Team +

Really, that’s the best you can do ?

Do you maybe have another server I can use to put up 3 little webpages that explain that my sites are down and that they will be back up again when my host (thats you) figures the problem ?, how about temporary access to an account where I can do some development no?, ok how about you treat me like a person, you know I have a name ? no, how about telling me how important I am as a customer, I mean 6 Years is a long time for a relationship, No ?

What hurts is that as a developer, every now and then I get someone that asks me where should I host, and I usually send them here, so there ,If your are curious about dreamhost, this is what happens when things go wrong, they ignore you, they take their sweet time and hide, and leave you no other option than to post in a non descript forum yeah.

Keno Leon

P.S. I am going to post this on every place I can until someone from DreamHost gives me a call and apologizes/explains/helps me, in the mean time I believe I need to reconsider my hosting choice.

Update: I got booted out of the forums for complaining (ie posting this), my sites have been apparently moved to a new server and seem to work, still no call, I am still a human being : )


You’re not alone. My account is being moved to a new server VERY SLOWWWWWLY (26+ hours downtime on 28 websites many of which are business)

My control panel messages are very similar to yours…

Current Outage: DreamHost server Kuwaitcity being moved to new hardware (updated 9 hours 33 mins ago)

Unfortunately, the data restore on your server has been running into issues on the new hardware. In an effort to make the restore process run more smoothly and complete the restore quicker, we’re restarting it on a different machine. Our admins have been investigating why the initial server was having issues mounting the backup server, but haven’t been able to determine the cause yet. In the interest of getting this issue resolved as quickly as possible they decided that this would be quicker than trying to troubleshoot that server.

We will keep you updated with as much detail as we can provide. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Support and we’ll be happy to help you further.


DreamHost Support Team +

And yes, I’ve been with DH since 2006 as well - and I have recommended them to people…


Update: Sites are down for the 4th Day in a Row, still no call although I received an email that says :

Hi There,

"This is just a note to let you know that although it’s almost been
24 hours since you sent in your message, we haven’t forgotten about
you! "

I don’t know what to say anymore, so I’ll address Dreamhost CEO Simon Anderson :

Dear Simon:

4 Days of downtime and a horrible customer service experience are no way to treat a customer of 6 years, please do something.

Keno Leon

P.S. A phone call would be great.


FWIW, looks like they owe you about 100 days credit on your hosting plan. Make sure you get it, if you stay.


Any decent developer would know that testing online is plain stupid.

Are you really a developer? You said it’d take an hour to emulate it on your computer. What bullshit. If you’re developing in PHP, which I assume you are, it takes no more than 3 minutes to visit the WAMP site and download it. Another minute to install. Done.

To abuse Dreamhost for something that’s entirely your fault is stupid. If you really were a developer, you’d know about WAMP server and you’d know never to test online.

I just can’t believe this post.


Well I guess I am not a decent developer then :slight_smile:

I use wamp all the time, is just that in this particular case, recreating all the things this particular client has in my home computer vs an already running server does take something like an hour, dreamhost has a very similar environment and that’s why I use it,I think I am allowed, my main complaint is with both the length of the outage ( 4 Days), and the lack/quality of support.

BTW,I develop for Android,C++ and yes the occasional Ruby,php,javascript thing.



So today my sites are still down and DH has not responded to my support request apart from the automated 'sorry its been 24hrs since" thing… No point in sending further requests then.
I can only guess from this that they are seriously under staffed.
I’ve never had a two day outage on my whole account before :frowning:

They are supposedly transferring my sites to a new server. What are the using, floppy disks?


Can you list your sites?



They are either slow or Offline, especially the ones that rely on php/wordpress.



The latter was a bit slow. The others worked fine. But the problem may be that your WordPress installation is using too many resources, possibly because of too many plug-ins, or one that’s poorly designed. I know that I had to do a little optimizing of my WordPress installations (which use 20-30 plugins by the way), to keep load times short.

Or maybe someone else on your server is abusing the privileges.[hr]
And I did a second test. Your site loaded a faster this time, not bad at all. Other than leaning out possibly slow plug-ins, you should consider WP Super Cache or Hypercache. Either would be a boon for shared hosting environments, because they reduce the load and enhance loading speeds.


How someone chooses to use the resources he paid for is immaterial to the issue at hand. The question is regarding DreamHost’s level of service, or lack thereof.


I also get the impression that there have been some large changes (not necessarily positive) going on behind the scenes over the past few months. One of the symptoms is, as you mention, a sudden increase in Support response times and availability.


This is really scary. I now realise I have too many eggs in one basket ( too many sites on one host - DH ) if these guys go down so does a huge chunk of my business. Time to spread the load…

48+ hours of outage now = grumpy clients :frowning:


Thanks for the input (the good and the bad), so it seems my sites are all up now, and they are crediting my account with a months worth of free hosting.

I believe dreamhost service has become less of what it once was, and they definitely need to work more on customer service.


P.S. I am giving up on my phone call, I have better things to worry about.


On the 5th day of downtime, now I get Internal server errors:

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

It’s intermittent, but what a pain…The Saga goes on.


If it’s just the one site, I’d think that the problem is with that site and not the host.

I did confirm that is not working as we speak.


Sorry, both blogs are down, (or anything that deals with php) and it is related to the outage.



Can anyone reach any of these sites?
DH say they have symlinks to the backup server and should be viewable - none of them are for me.


I didn’t try all of them but I did try 10 of them and none of them worked.


Occasionally a few of them start working - then they go down again.

Just wait it out I guess…


All sites work, except: only displays a directory of two files. There’s no index file.

Both and display 403 errors.