Someone please help - how to upload htaccess

I am having a very rough time of it trying to update my phpBB forum and it requires uploading an .htaccess file.

I renamed it to htaccess.txt but when I try to change the name back to .htaccess it disappears from the directory.

Would be very grateful for advice.


Enable view hidden files in your ftp program. files with a . (dot) in front are hidden files.

thanks Nef :slight_smile:

I tried the -a command but a note in the FTP program said that it varies from host to host, I’m not sure if DH provides a way to view these.

Or I’ll just switch FTP programs… :\

yes, dreamhost provies a way to vies thoes. I know filezilla will display the files… however it doesn’t matter. the file is there, it’s just hidden. When you rename a file with a . in front it becomes hidden - do you upload you file, then rename it. it’s still ther, you just can’t see it.


I wonder why I’ve never had that sort of problem. I see all files with . in front of it. I use smartftp as my ftp program >.>

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