Someone else sent email from my account

I am so confused! I have an email account that is used only for sending out announcements for my announcement list. I never use that address for any other email. I haven’t sent out an announcement in way over 6 months. Anyways, I got 3 emails from a guy telling my he didn’t receive anything in the email I sent. I never even emailed him. The email in the reply looks as though I sent him a blank email. Here’s what it says…

-----Original Message-----
From: tuxcatmeow []
Sent: Tuesday, May 07, 2002 8:21 AM
To: address removed
Subject: (interCount

First of all I wasn’t even up at 8:21am although I should have been. LOL The address this was sent to isn’t on my announcement list so I have no idea what is going on. The only connection me and this guy have is that I have a site for my cats and he has a site about pet loss. The weird thing is that in the ‘from’ part of the email it is typed in lowercase exactly how I have had it before. Is there a possibility that someone out there with my address (an possibly an old email)in their address book has a virus and it’s doing this? I just emailed this guy back asking him for the header of the original email. Hopefully I get it if it helps. Anyone think they might know what the deal is? Thanks!!!


No need to reply since I found out what is going on. It’s that friggen klez virus!! I didn’t send it out though. It has to have been from someone who has me in their address book.


The KLEZ virus works like this:

When it comes INTO the victim’s box, it instantly finds any email address it can usually from the temporary internet files on the victims computer. It also assigns the subject line that way. It doesn’t have to come from someone who has your email address in their address book. It is completely arbitrary, assigning to itself the email address/subject line at the time of delivery. You can read more about it over on the Norton AV site.

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Of course, these viruses tend to be tailored to Microsoft software, so you can make yourself much less vulnerable to them by avoiding it… Use Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, Lynx, etc., for Web browsing (so nothing winds up in the IE-specific “Temporary Internet Files” for viruses to find and exploit), and Pegasus, Eudora, Pine, etc. for email (so you don’t have an Outlook address book for viruses to find “From” and “To” addresses in)… this renders most of the common viruses fairly impotent even if they somehow trigger, which is unlikely anyway because non-MS browsers and mail readers usually aren’t quite so foolhardy about running malicious scripts and attachments in the first place.

– Dan