Some users can access my site, some can't! HELP!


Since a few weeks I got messages from some people trying to access my site that they can’t. I can access the site from multiple PCs with multiple different browser, also from my iphone I can access the site without problems. Same with some friends I asked to access the site. So it seems that this only affects some people. It doesn’t seem to be a specific OS or browser issue since the people that cannot access the sites are using popular browser as do the people who can access the site.
The error message they get is “server not found”.

Here is the adress to my site:ö

Can anyone help me?


Could be their browser is not translating the URI of mini-tö

That could definitely be an issue!

Our apologies, though, but we’re unable to find your domain anywhere in our system, Marc. Visiting that domain, I am redirected to mini-tö, which resolves from (not one of ours). If you’ve recently transferred the domain to us or moved it to another account, please provide an account number if possible so we can investigate that way. Thanks!