Some quick questions about email

I just signed up here and I have a couple of questions about email:

  • When I added a new email account is generated a “login” that is a horrible string of random letters and numbers. Am I correct in understanding that this is the user name people will need to enter to access their email? I’m hoping I’m wrong because it seems so ridiculous… How on earth can people be expected to remember that? Every other host I’ve been with has simply used "".

  • Is there some way for users to edit their own email password? I know I can change them from the control panel of course, but I certainly don’t want to give everyone my Web ID and password!

  • Is there any way to access email on DreamHost’s server before my domain has propagated?

Thanks for your help!

Well this thread answered my first question. Very disappointing. Encouraging that it may be coming soon… Not so encouraging that it’s been “coming soon” for a year now. I’m glad I have that money back guarantee; I may have to use it.

I see that users can change their email settings, which is excellent.

And on the last one, I never found a way, but it’s not necessary anymore.

I’ve got a new one though: it seems every message I get is marked as read immediately. I can see this happening if I log into SquirrelMail or through IMAP in my own mail client (Mail for OS X). It happens even if I am not logged into SquirrelMail. Even worse, POP will not download the messages at all! (Perhaps it thinks it already has since they’re marked as read.) Any idea what’s going on and how I can fix it?

That last issue seems to have resolved itself now.

Note that if you create a regular ftp or shell user, that user will also act as a mailbox and you can choose any username you like.

The logins are still on the way. There was an aborted attempt at it awhile back and we decided we needed to wait for some other software upgrades before we could proceed.

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“Any username you like” isn’t exactly true. You have to contend with everyone else on the machine. Most of these addresses are just first names, and the couple I tried were already taken.

Thanks for the info though!