Some questions!


I’m interested in dreamhost’s services, but first I’d like to check the speeds I will get from my place.

  1. Would someone plz PM me a large file (30-50 Mb) hosted on a shared DH server so I can speeds?

  2. How is the DH control panel compared to Cpanel? Any disadvantage over the popular cpanel?


  1. Unfortunately, I can’t scrape up a 40 Meg file that doesn’t contain personal or copyrighted information. But here’s a randomly generated file:

  2. The control panel here is very different from Cpanel. Once you get to it, it’s very powerful. This power means there’s a learning curve, but I find it does all I need. I don’t miss Cpanel at all. The downside is that Cpanel is much more geared for resellers, whereas DreamHost is very cumbersome in sharing access.