Some questions

Hi all.

I understand that DH doesnt check these forums regularly, so maybe some of you guys can answer some basic questions.

Can DH move my site from my host now to their servers for me? or will i have to do this? It’s a forum.

Does DH allow “LEGAL” adult content on the servers if it’s a VPS account?

I’ll be getting a VPS with DH. Are there any restrictions with SQL and CPU usage. I dont want to be stuck with one of those “you must use less than 1% hosts”.

Im worried that DH’s version of a VPS is just a “MickeyMouse” version of a shared hosting plan. Are we sure we are truly a VPS?

For those with VPS accounts, are you satisfied with the service?

  • You’ll need to move the site data yourself.

  • Adult content is permitted under Californian law.

  • With VPS you can activate as much CPU and RAM as is neccessary.

  • The SQL connection limit is reported as 300 concurrent in phpMyAdmin.

  • Real VPS? No. Details here:

  • The clients I’ve worked with are very happy with DH’s Linux-Vserver.

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You will definitely need to move the files yourself. You may find these articles handy

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