Some questions

I was reading TOS and it says there: if you cancel after 97 days, the unused portion is not going to be refunded.

I am thinking about shared plan for 1 year (not dedicated!), so if I pre-pay 1 year in advance, and decide to cancel after 6 months, does that mean that money for the remianing 6 months are not going to be refunded?

Also, I am curious about downtime, server problems, etc… Sure there will be opinions for and against, but it is always easier to judge when you compare to something. So, I am just wondering, are there any ex-powweb customers here? I want to leave that horrible host, since they were sold to Endurance I cannot handle that anymore, so if compared to powweb, is it better or worse?

“If you cancel after 97 days, you will not receive a refund for any pre-paid period remaining.”

So, if you prepaid for 1 year, you have 97 days to cancel and get a refund.
You will not be refounded anything if you cancel after 97 days.

That’s also why there is prepaid : if you agree to pay in advance, you get reductions.

However, the first year is pretty cheap with a coupon,
and 97 days should be enouth to test and make your own opinion :wink:

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I never dealt with Powweb, but I’ve been with Dreamhost since 2002 and don’t plan on leaving.

Like any shared host, DH has its problems, but I still find them hard to beat for the money. They’re pretty honest about it when they have problems, which many of us find refreshing.

I think 97 days is way more than enough time to figure out how you feel about a host, but if you have doubts you can sign up monthly until you’re sure, then change your billing in the panel to 1 or 2 year prepay and still get the savings. I would just do the prepay, but I can see where some people might be nervous about it.

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thanks for your input guys, I have one more question: do they have any limits which are not directly disclosed in the hosting plans? Like these:

  • limit on mysql queries per hour
  • limit on hits per day
  • limit on consecutive mysql connections,

coz my current host do have those, but they are not disclosed when you sign up, they are only listed in their forums, so when you sign up you are happy because of that bunch of bandwidth you are getting, but when it comes to deal, turns out you are very limited on this, very limited on that, and all that bandwidth promised is practically useless, if you know what I mean :slight_smile:

[quote]- limit on mysql queries per hour

  • limit on hits per day
  • limit on consecutive mysql connections,[/quote]
    As far as I know, there are no restrictions on the above.

There was until relatively recently a limit of the number of CPU minutes you could consume per day, but this restriction was removed.

Generally, if your sites activites are not adversely affecting others on your shared server you should be OK.


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DH everything is good except uptime.

$22 a year, use it for a backup space is better than refund

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