Some questions

Hi, I am considering getting the “Crazy Domain Insane” plan.

However, I have a few questions.

I will be hosting 3 domains (and probably more) on this plan.

What will I get for a control panel? I was told that I would have to use dreamhost’s control panel, which is okay to me. However. Will I be able to have multiple accounts in this control panel, for other domains?

Also, how easy will it be to transfer databases over?

Last question, i’ve heard that dreamhost has alot of downtime. Is this true?


It will come down to a matter of opinion, but it is my opinion that the DH home-brewed control panel is more intuitive and flexible than the ubiquitous, generic CPanel interface that >90% of other hosting providers use.

All your accounts and all your domains can be controlled through DH’s interface.

As for the downtime issues, you may want to read this entry on DH’s blog:

DH is having problems as of late, yes. You will definitely want to read through some of the threads on this forum for a balanced look at the issues, ranging from the ‘troll’ posts to the sensible critiques, to the responses by the DH staff, everything.


Thanks for your reply.

Would we all have to share one DH control panel account?

By “we” I’m assuming you’ll have other users? You can grant users certain privileges to your panel if you wish. All domains are managed from just the one panel.

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I recommend you read through the forum carefully and decide for yourself.

Apparently, depending on the server you end up on, and depending the luck of fate, your (down-time related) experience may be good or very bad.

Good luck!

Personally, I am not going to renew my hosting. Support is very bad. Maybe I’m the only one with this problem, but support really sucks. Alot of downtime also.

Do you have any backup for you claim that ‘Support sucks’? I’ve been here two years and have yet to get a reply from support that isn’t 100% professional and helpful.

–Matttail - personal website

My server was down for 3 days. Fixed now though. And before that, it was down almost daily but not for that long.

Only been a customer for a couple of months. But I can tell you that support is good about responding to outages most of the time, but I would definitely not say they are 100% professional and helpful in my case. If fact, I would say quite the opposite. And I have the emails to prove it.

No stinkin coupons for you. Jazzman :cool:

There ya go, you go with that! C’mon, let’s see what you’ve got!

let’s see what you’ve got!

Not usually good practice to post “private” emails.

‘Support sucks’

Wouldn’t say “sucks”, but needs improvement.

Example: Took about 3 weeks of back/forth emails to resolve new sending-blocked problem, which was probably caused by Dreamhost’s changes:

Very true, though generally I don’t think responses from tech support should be considered “private”; technically you are correct, but I believe official “support responses” should be fit for general publication unless they are particularly embarrassing to the customer - the tech support rep should expect his/her responses will be shared with other users as is appropriate to “share the knowledge”.

I don’t think this poster has any “real” examples of “sucky” support…

however, your points are well taken :slight_smile: and I love your site!