Some questions


Hi there,

I’ve a website, and I’m looking forward to be DH customer, but before that, I have some questions for which I’ll be glad if answered.

As I read before, MySQL and HTTP (servers in DH) are each located in different server, how much does it effect on website loading speed? (if anyone has a forum with more than 1k users, please give me a link, I will try it).

Another issue, is the paying methods, for now I have no CreditCard, so I can transfer money by one of two method: Bank Transfer or Westren Union, is it possible?

Thanks In Advance,


Having the database on a different system obviously increases the latency of any database access a little, but in my experience this does not significantly alter the response speed of my websites. Having said this, I do not operate any forum sites, so I can’t comment on how these might be affected.

I am not sure about direct bank transfer or Western Union, but the following payment types are shown in the DreamHost panel…

Credit Card
Check or Money Order

I should note that there are some restrictions with regard to PayPal and the use of promo-codes.

Another option, if you do not have a credit card, is a direct debit card. I have a VISA direct debit card from my bank and I find it is accepted by most places that require a credit card.


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