Some questions?

has anybody created “clean url’s” in a php script.

It’s rather old but I have referenced this specific site a few times for this purpose,

If you need to do this with existing software (such as Drupals or Wordpress), let me know.

well im actually using mediawiki.

so i can like adjust the apache settings? to make clean urls? cool.

Using mod_rewrite, which is an Apache module, yes (shared hosts don’t have direct access to Apache’s conf, but for the majority of the cases we can rewrite rules to make it work for us). You can also do it all in .htaccess itself without mod_rewrite (although Dreamhost users have access to this mod), I’m sorry if the text is a big “jargon”-y, but I’ll help anyway I can, like if you need more specific examples. Good luck =).


yeah i right now am using godaddy and followed those steps and didnt work… if it would work on dreamhost… im going to sign up. so it should work?