Some questions before I buy

I had a few questions about DreamHost before I wish to sign up.

I have a permanent account with another webhost, been there for about 3 years but their service has been horrible lately. I average at least an hour downtime a day with them, their technical support is terrible! I have yet to have one ticket answered correctly, they always want to try and say it’s something on my end (I’m not idiot when it comes to computer or the internet) or take forever to have a support ticket answered (or even if they bother to answer at all) so I’m hoping DreamHost is much better than they (I won’t mention names) are.

I know I won’t get instantaneous responses, but what is an average response time for DreamHost?

How would you rate the level and accuracy of the responses they give you?

How is the uptime with DreamHost?

If I don’t have my domain name managed through DreamHost does that mean I am unable to fully use their email or subdomain option even if I point my nameservers to DreamHost? (ref ) I know this is obvious but I want to be sure.

Can each domain you have hosted on DreamHost have their own subdomain or only the main domain?


I think that’s all the questions I have at the moment, thanks in advance for all your advice!

Typically, you will get a response in around an hour; however, it has been known to take anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 days. The support staff are very clued-up, and you will almost always be satisfied with their knowledge and assistance.

I have had no more than a few hours of downtime over a period of 2 years (which is excellent), but some people report much longer outages. Much depends on the server you are on. As with all shared hosting environments, one must expect a certain amount of downtime.

DreamHost do not manage any of my domains, yet I can use all the options. Subdomains, anonymous FTP, shell access, email - the whole shooting match is available as long as you point to the DH nameservers.

You can have an unlimited number of domains, each with an unlimited number of subdomains (or even subdomains of subdomains). They all share the same disk space and bandwidth, but each can be throttled and controlled according to your needs.

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We’ve been w/DH for more than 6 years, the past 3 as a dedicated server customer. (We’re currently in the process of switching hosts.) We’ve had days go by before getting a response, while we would be suffering through periods where our clients’ sites were unreachable (including governmental entities). Despite our (misplaced) loyalty + paying DH thousands of $ over the years, we’ve been made to feel pretty much invisible. That might be acceptable for someone looking to merely host a personal site or two, but if you’re running a business and operating scores or hundreds of web sites for businesses, organizations, etc., don’t hold your breath expecting to talk live to a technical support rep or otherwise get responsive support – they’ll get to it when they get to it.


Overall, we’d rank their responsiveness fair to poor. If you’d like to talk in detail, please contact me at for our phone number.

I would have to disagree with this.

My experience with Dreamhost support has been very positive. Replies are always timely and accurate.

One of the regular posters here on the forums has a link in his sig about asking smart questions, perhaps you should have a read. :slight_smile:

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I had to submit 12 support requests regarding spam filtering setup before receiving a response from someone who tried to help. (TRIED to help is the key word.) About seven of those were replied by a different “support” person each time, who deleted my original question, sending me back to square zero for the next clueless support person. They did not take the time look at any of my previous messages. Each time they said “read the wiki” or else something completely wrong and contradictory to their own wiki. The other messages were me sending extra requests, frustrated at the approx average 20-hour response time. (Anyone who wants to blame me for submitting duplicates can shut your spam hole right now. This should have been answered properly the first time, or the second time or the third or the…)

Then another 20 or so requests and a month later my problem is still not resolved. Over that time I have basically figured out the problem myself thru trial and error. Dozens if not hundreds of hours wasted. Now they are telling me that the hundreds of email addresses that I’ve been using for years are all setup wrong and incompatible with their spam filtering system. I need to reconfigure every address then login individually to customize several options for every single address. In addition, all client-side (Thunderbird) filters that are setup will no longer work & need to be reconfigured. Then spam filtering still will not work completely for another esoteric reason. Basically Dreamhost spam filtering might work ok for a basic one-user per address setup, but if you try to do any forwarding to a different box, or cc to another address, or have several addresses going into one account, all accounts on the domain will be hosed. Spam is probably the biggest problem on the web these days. Pretty sad it is not a glimmer of a priority for my formerly favorite webhost. Been here for years. Someone please PM me with recommendations for a good web host.

Oh ya, the support sucks.