Some Qs


I’ve been pretty tired of my current host, and I am very strongly considering switching to DreamHost. But I have some questions, and I will probubly come up with a bunch more a little later–I’m new to quality hosting features so bear with me lol.

First off, I intend to transfer my current domain. When it expires, will it automatically be renewed by DreamHost since they say you get a free domain with your hosting?

Just how much work do the one click installers do for you? What languages do you have to know to configure some of the programs?

And my last question for right now is about their compiler. So if I upload a .cpp file to my site, visitors can somehow access that? Or am I missing the point?

Hi :slight_smile:

If you choose not to register a ‘free’ domain during the sign-up process you will be able to use this domain registration credit later to extend the registration of your current domain. Of-course, you will need to transfer that domain registration to DreamHost first. Each year, just before the anniversary of your account, you will be given another domain registration credit to use as you see fit. You could use it to extend the original domain, or perhaps let that domain expire and register a new domain.

I haven’t used all of the one-click installers, but the ones I have used have been very simple. Basically, you will get an email when the install has been completed and this email will have the instructions to progress further, usually a URL you need to browse to in order to configure your new install.

The command-line compilers provided by DreamHost are usually accessed via the Shell. You need to log in using SSH/Telnet, then execute the appropriate commands to compile your code.


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When you transfer any domain, it’s renewed for one year. So if you transfer it to DreamHost, at least 7 days before its expiration date (but I would do it a lot earlier), the domain will be renewed.

As for the 1click installer, it’s pretty great. You just setup the sql database, and the installer does the rest.

As for the .cpp file, well, your visitors won’t compile it, but they can download it if you make it available in your site. But ssh access should be just for you…

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It’s very simple. I’ve never had a problem with a one-click install, but there is one important step that many overlook: the destination directory must be empty (including hidden files like .htaccess) or the process will fail. No big deal though, just delete what needs deleting and do it again.

One-click updates are also available. I’m not sure about the other programs, but with Wordpress, I prefer to upgrade manually.

The one-click update basically does a new installation, but puts your old one in a .old directory. No big deal if you use a plain installation (no themes, mods, etc…), but if you do, you’ll have to either re-install them, or copy those specific files back over from the old directory. I prefer to just overwrite the files that actually changed, leaving any customizations intact.

Also, if you’re coming from a CPanel/Fantastico host, it seemed to me that Dreamhost is quicker at updating the packages. Unless something has changed… it’s been a little while since I’ve dealt with Fantastico.

Also note that you’re not limited to the one-clicks. If there’s a different CMS, cart, forum, etc… you can always install it manually.

We’re still talking about the one-clicks, right? They’re PHP, but as far as configuring goes, that’s usually handled by the installer asking you the questions.

The panel also notes if a package requires PHP 4, PHP 5, or either. You can switch from 4 to 5 on a per-domain basis at any time in the domain management section of the panel.

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