Some Pages Are Not Showing On My WP Blog

I recently started a Blog. I’m relatively new to designing my own site. I purchased a plugin and I found a site online that gave me free plugins. I picked out quite a few plugins and got them installed on my blog, and now i can’t access the installed plugins page, it’s just blank! I would appreciate it if someone could help me figure out how i can fix this problem?


Sounds like PHP is probably running out of memory. I’d log in via SFTP, delete the last plug-in you installed, and try again.


Be careful where you get “free plug-ins” from. Until I understood more about WordPress, I’d be wary of installing anything that wasn’t listed here, at WordPress’s official site:

And, sXi, notes, plug-ins require memory. Some put your site at risk of being hacked. Only keep plug-ins you are actually using active at your site. Delete the others.

Thank You I’ll Do That.


Thank You, I Should Have Done More Research!

Related. If you ever happen to find a plugin from that is causing you to be hacked, please email that information to plugins AT and we’ll look at it right away. :slight_smile: