Some newbie help

Hey all, so I dropped the web hosting I had previously with dreamhost and kept my domain registered here. I would like to configure my domain to redirect to a specific IP address elsewhere. I thought I would do this by editing the DNS record in my web panel. I added an A record with the IP address I wanted it to go to. Is this incorrect? Dreamhost sent me a support message stating:

“You dont have any active hosting plans. Without an active hosting plan, the DNS records are not available and therefore dont resolve to your local IP address.”

In their advertising for Domain Registration only they state:

“Registration does not include hosting services. You must choose a hosting plan above to host this domain. You may host domains registered through us elsewhere.”

So which is it? I can…or I can’t? I must choose a hosting plan…but I don’t have to? What kind of sense does that make.

Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Where do I get a nameserver at? I’m hosting my site on my own computer.