Some more questions before I sign up

I am going to have to wait a little before I can sign up. But I want to know, in 2-3 weeks, will the 888offer still be up (Like whats the chance?). Also, someother questions:

What the site is for: Game Fansite

  1. I have offered someone some space for his stuff for ROSE(Game the fansite is for). I was wondering, can I make him a User, but just limit him to his area, and restrict the amount or disk space he can use

  2. What it is the basic bandwidth usage of a normal fansite (Maybe 500+ People)?

  3. If I get the 888 plan, can I upgrade to a different plan using the pricing (Lets say I get sweet dreams[appox.$50] and want to upgrade to code monster[appox.$100]) If I went to sweet dreams to code monster, would I only pay the appox. $50,or would I have to pay $430?

  4. Can I install Invision Power Boards?

Thanks in advance

Hi Dude,
Here’s a partial answer for you. Hope it helps.

1 - some info re adding users.
2- no idea. check with other site owners.
3- I think you can but don’t quote me on it. Check with DH sales.
4- I believe you can generally install whatever you want as long as it’s not a persistent process. Btw, they have a 1-click install of phbb forum.

Sorry some of my answers were a bit lame. Hope it helps.


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