Some good ways to filter junk mail

Maybe this should be in the beginner forum, I don’t know.

I’ve got several mail boxes and some forwarding addresses for our business and those, forward to the mail boxes. We mainly use Outlook 2010. (Sometimes Webmail).

I get an awful lot of SPAM sent to those forward-only email addresses and then the people here with the e-mail boxes that get those forwards subsequently get that junk mail.

Is the best way to just continue to filter at the Outlook stage? It seems like I spend an awful lot of time selecting to “junk” email (and then as long as it comes from the same address, we’re fine - but that doesn’t always happen, obviously!)

I don’t know if there’ s a primer on all of this that I should read or not. Don’t have an IT department (I’m it!), but there’s got to be an easier way?

Maybe installing some Norton AntiVirus thing at some point along the chain? Other options? How do you guys handle it? I think next time we do our website, we won’t have our e-mail addresses on the site (instead, just a contact or a click-to-email because I wonder if a lot of it stemmed from robots “harvesting” this stuff, or if other SPAM just comes from spammers trying all the obvious:, etc etc.

In my opinion, the biggest change you can make is to no longer publish the email addresses on your page. I still have one site with a webmaster@ address which is published on 2 pages of the site, and that address does get spam.

FWIW, Norton works at the client level, meaning the anti-spam component installs itself as a plug-in to outlook. If you have norton, spam filtering must be deactivated, not installed or not configured correctly. I personally turned norton spam filtering off tho, becuase in my opinion it catches too much.

I’d also look into upgrading to office365. Microsoft’s changed the office suite to a subscription based model where you pay an annual fee and get the latest versions always. I don’t have the specifics but outlook 2013 has a few built in features related to spam that I don’t think existed in outlook 2010. (Specifically with norton email filtering turned off, Outlook2013 still moves the most flagrant spam with mismatched headers to the spam folder).