Some Concerns


Hi, I was just wondering do your servers ever go down as in will my website go down?

Another thing about the domains. Do you have to host our domains or can we route the dns from somewhere else?


Servers remain up 24/7 unless there’s a hardware failure.

You can use any Registrar you like :wink:

If you have domains registered elsewhere, just change the DNS info to point at DreamHost.

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If you don’t want to use the DreamHost name servers, you could try using another DNS and manually keep the IP addresses up to date. But that’s an unreliable hassle.

Or maybe you meant that you want (some of) your domain hosted, say at home. You can manually edit the DNS here to add an entry like with an IP address of XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX



Once the OP clarifies exactly what they want to do we can be mores specific about their options, but I have:

  1. Domains registered elsewhere but nameserved and hosted here.
  2. Domains registered here but hosted elsewhere.
  3. Domains registered and hosted here with subdomains hosted elsewhere.
  4. Domains registered and hosted here with subdomains hosted at home.

In many cases, the IP hassle that Scott mentions can be mostly worked around by clever use of NS records or CNAME records.

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When I first setup dreamhost, I kept my old nameservers. But for all of my new domains I’ve chosen to use DH’s nameservers. It’s just really easy that way, since DH automatically sets up the hosts for you.

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