Some bug (?) with $wgForeignFileRepos

MediaWiki version: 1.14
PHP version: 5+
MySQL version: 5+


These image pages give errors at the top of the page:ée_du_Marcadau_5.JPG

These image pages do not seem to give errors at the top of the page:

I think I’m using the normal $wgForeignFileRepos for Commons defaults… I’m not sure why this is happening. If I could have all the pages display cleanly, it would be super great; and if anyone can help me fix it, I will be very very grateful. Thank you!


The images giving the errors contain exif data, the others don’t.

Did you edit any of the script’s files?

Are you able to turn off the parsing of exif data without breaking functionality?

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I edited localsettings.php (the main wiki configuration file) as was necessary, and I edited Monobook.php to add in the Adsense extension.

And just found out how:$wgShowEXIF

Made the value false, and it does not seem to display the error any more.

I guess people will have to do without EXIF data.

Thank you for the help.