Some advise needed on website development

So I am making a website. Right now it is made up of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery with PHP form handler scripts. What would be the benefit in making the whole website in PHP vs HTML5. This website will have forums, accounts, blogs, and online purchasing.

Please don’t post the same question in multiple forums. One topic will suffice.

Anyways, talking about whether to use PHP or HTML5 is of a false dichotomy. PHP is a server-side technology; HTML5 is client-side. It’s perfectly reasonable to use both of them together.

Yea I posted in the beginners forum thinking it was the right spot for this topic, but seen web design after. I tried to delete the thread in the Beginner’s Forum, but it said I didn’t have rights to do so. I apologize. I know they are different. I am wondering if there is a benefit in making it all in PHP or in HTML5. I mean would it be easier to just use PHP for the pages and have the PHP code that is needed with the page or to use HTML5 and call the PHP scripts I need. As of now I am just using the PHP to handle my contact forums, but am about to get into communicating with databases for forums, profiles, and purchasing.

As Andrew said, this is a false dichotomy. My website is a combination of PHP and HTML5. This is not an issue.

If you add a forum, then you are probably going to use forum software (why on earth would you create this yourself?) which is going to use, again, a combination of PHP and HTML, just like most modern CMS’s.