Solved: Partial PHP Parsing Problem Post Server Move

Sorry about the lame alliteration. Problem is this. Just moved servers - from ‘fud’ to ‘gemini’. ExpressionEngine install, many years old. Entire front end works perfectly. Yay!

However, any attempt to access the back-end or admin causes the browser to want to download index.php or admin.php (whichever I’m accessing). I read the server move email advice and wiki, so I added AddType php5-cgi htm html to the sites base directory .htaccess file. No go. (Actually the site - excepting admin.php and index.php - works without anything referencing PHP in .htaccess.)

Site is set up in the panel as PHP 5 fastcgi. Also tried AddHandler php5-fastcgi .php as well as for grins. No go.

So far as I know, I’m not using a custom PHP.

Anyone had a similar problem with EE or any other app? I hate to open a support ticket for user error, so that’s why I’m asking first.

Close, but no cigar. What you want is simply:

AddHandler php5-cgi .htm .html

Update: Oh, the humiliation. I had transmit misconfigured. I was smart enough to recreate all my “favorites” to reflect connecting to domain names rather than server names, but on this one I had renamed the connection but had not updated the actual credentials. I was editing htaccess on the old server the whole time.

hangs head and crawls under rock