[SOLVED] nodejs and ports above 8000

It was my mistake. My local network was blocking my outgoing telnet connection. Once I got around that, the ports were indeed open.

I am running a nodejs daemon that is listening on a high-numbered port (over 9000!). I can successfully connect to the daemon using localhost, but I cannot connect to the daemon externally.

The wiki sez:[quote]Daemon processes that bind to a port (on which they listen for incoming connections) will be visible from the Internet. DreamHost does not employ any sort of firewall or port blocking on their network.[/quote]

DH Live Support confirmed that the ports should all be open on a VPS.

Any clue why I can’t connect externally? Am I missing something obvious?

Can you show us the code you’re using to listen on that port? It’s possible that you’re only binding to the localhost interface.

Thanks for the reply, Andrew. I did a “netstat -lnt” and got:

It appears that I’m bound to the port globally.