Solved: Lost Password Emails

Or rather, worked around. I created a new admin user in the database directly and am able to get in with this new user. The reset password emails never did arrive.

Hi there,

New set up and trying to access my site for the first time. I don’t seem to be receiving emails from the site to allow me to change the password. It appears to recognize both my username I received via the welcome email and my email address but I don’t seem to be getting any emails to change the password. (Yes I’ve checked the junkmail folder).

Am I missing something?



…sure would be nice to use this new account of mine and start configuring my wordpress site. :-\

In addition to trying to have the email sent multiple times, I’ve also tried updating the password manually in mySQL via phpMyAdmin. Even though I’m using the MD5 function, the site still says I’m using the wrong password regardless of what I’ve set it to. Any help to get my admin account moving forward so I can continue working would be much appreciated!