[SOLVED] How do I avoid my website not being found because of the IP

Dreamhost is offering Unique IP but states that it does not guarantee that it is going to be static. So that means the IP could change and although unique, it would be dynamic (not static/constant). I have bought a one-year plan. I would like to know the following:

  1. When does the IP generally change (because it’s not guaranteed static IP), once it has been assigned a particular IP?

  2. I am planning to use SSL on my domain(s) and make them secure (https), so I believe I am going to run into a bunch of problems by using dynamic IP. One of the most serious problem that I am expecting is that my website will NOT be found by my website visitors when the dynamic IP changes. How can this problem be fixed?

  3. I understand Unique IP is generally used for https. But if it is NOT static, then problem that I mentioned in point 2 above, will occur. So how to make sure that it’s going to be static?

Can someone please help me in this? All help is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

It’s not dynamic in that it’d randomly change. They’ll only change your IP address if they restructure the network containing your account, and they’ll let you know. It’s a Static IP address, but not permanent (as in forever).

Hi sdayman,
Thank you for your reply.

  1. By this “It’s not dynamic in that it’d randomly change.” I understand that the IP would not really change randomly everytime a lookup to my site is performed (by my users). Am I right?

  2. I understand that this change in IP will be done only they restructure the network containing my account. So what is the frequency of this restructuring in a month? I mean how often is it done?

  3. How much advance notice will I receive for such a change? And what will I need to do when I receive that notice, to make sure that my website is still accessible by my users?

  4. Will there be any downtime at all, when that restructuring process is being carried out? (By downtime, I mean that my website is completely inaccessible by my users and they see a Page not found error). What can be down to avoid the downtime?

I will also need this information so that I could notify my website users about such downtime. My Users carry out some time sensitive operations in my websites, so they expect earlier intimation. Hope my points make sense.

Look forward for your reply.

Thank you.

Why does it matter? Just give the IP a domain, and Dreamhost’s DNS will take care of changes for you.

  1. You are correct
  2. IP address changes are rare, so you may end up with the same IP address for a year or three. But if something blows up (server or network configuration), they may have to rush you to another IP address.
  3. For a planned change, I expect they’d give you a week or so advanced notice, but I’m not a static IP address owner, so I’ve not experienced this. But for an unplanned change (see above), you won’t receive notice until after the fact.
  4. Downtime would be determined by the Time To Live setting (length of time between DNS refreshes). When a change is planned, they’ll crank down your TTL to a matter of minutes to minimize interruption.


Thank you for the reply. I shall try that. How do I mark the thread as Solved? I don’t see any tools to do so.

Don’t think you can. Just change the title to add [SOLVED] at the beginning or something.

@sdayman, @timestandstill
Thanks to you both.