I have a domain set up using someone else’s nameserver with Gmail already set up and lots of emails stored. If I change the nameserver to Dreamhost and transfer over to there will i lose the email? Do Google store them or are they on the server??!

Google stores your email.

Just add gmail to your dreamhost account.

Thanks for the reply.

The domain isnt hosted with dreamhost though. The server it is pointed to has been shut off. Do i point the nameservers to dreamhost first and add it to my domains?

I change nameservers and added the domain to dreamhost and its all working now. Still got all the emails as well.

Thanks for your help!

You did it :slight_smile: Yes, just change nameservers, and add the domain to DH. And remember to renew the domain at the registrar where you bought it.

If the domain has been inactive for more than a day (I guess), you may have lost some incoming mail. Mailservers will keep mails in a queue for some time, if it can’t be delivered.