[SOLVED] Can't email myself

I’m sending a e-mail from me@mydomain.com to me@mydomain.com. Why? I’m sending the message from my cell phone and hope to retrieve it on my laptop. However this doesn’t seem to work. I know my outgoing email from my phone works, I am able to send message to another e-mail account, but I can’t seem to send a message from and to the same account.

Any ideas?

I just sent a message to myself and received it, so I’m not sure what’s happening in your case, you might want to open a support ticket, that seem unusual.

After you get past this, you should consider changing both the mail client on your laptop and the mail settings on your phone to use IMAP. It sounds like you’re using POP3 now and that is not the most idea setup for phone/laptop mail use. IMAP keeps your mail folders server side, so your phone and laptop are always in sync.

Thank you for your help! I admit that POP3 is generally considered out of date. My e-mail folders go back about a decade, I have a complex backup system for them (and the rest of my data) I’m not willing to give up control of the storage and backup of my email. That just seems like a huge potential privacy/security breech waiting to happen. Maybe I’m showing off my tin-foil hat here.

If I’d change anything I’d setup an e-mail server at home, and VPN tunnel it to a private web host server; or something like that… Then I could use IMAP.

As for stuff not being in sync; I don’t want to sift trough thousands of messages on the tiny screen of my phone. Maybe someday when I get Enlightenment and Thunderbird running on it, but not right now. I use IMAP with the phone so I only see anything that hasn’t been downloaded to my laptop/home computer.

Sorry if I seem a bit crazy; and thank you for the troubleshooting help!
It’s interesting even using the SquirrelMail webapp I can’t e-mail myself.

Have you tried creating and sending the message to an email account on mydomain.com? Doing so would make sure your mail services are all working, along with putting a copy of the mail in your sent folder.

An excellent idea. I created a second email account on the domain in question. Using my account and the test account I successfully sent a message from one to the other and back without problems. Then just for the heck of it I tried to send a message from the test account to the test account… and it worked. Still can’t do it with my email account. I’ve submitted a support ticket to Dreamhost; maybe they can figure it out.

Scary thought: what if the government is warrentlessly wiretapping my e-mail. Maybe a glitch in their servers is preventing e-mail sent from my account from getting forwarded back to my account. Sorry I know that’s probably just paranoia. I live close to the new NSA data supercenter that is being built. I thought about helping build it, but I don’t really want to be involved with it.

I doubt this is it but just to make sure you might log into mailboxes.yourdomain.com and make sure there is nothing in message filters at the server level that would be doing something with the email.

Ah ha! I had checked the filters before, but I’d never checked my blacklist. Yes; somehow I blacklisted myself. How embarrassing. Thank you all. Seriously I have no idea how that happened; oh well. Thanks again!