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Has anyone tried to use solr on Dreamhost? In particular, I’d like to use acts_as_solr in a rails project.


I see this post was from several months ago and am wondering if you have found more information on this? I had deployed acts_as_solr successfully, but just received an automated warning from DH that the plugin runs network daemons which apparently are not allowed. I’m looking into this to see what can be done, but if you or anyone else has additional info I’d very much appreciate it!


I went over the issue with support last Fall too and it turns out that with DH all you can do is get a PS account and set it up there. I thought that was a little overkill for my site so I moved this particular site to a new host that helped me get my site running with Solr.


The Solr requirements can be found here:

So an installed JRE is needed, but also an servlet container, which also needs an JRE.

If I would be in your situation, I would rent an virtual server. An other option is an hosting service, specialized for solr hosting: search the web for “apache solr hosting”. There are offers for free or payed offers also.