SolidComponents Down?

I get this error message on all of the solid component stuff :frowning:

“Error: Please check your account status.”

All my user’s and myself are getting this error as well.

Glad to know it’s not just me… though I’m getting a different error. I just get “Component Temporarily Unavailable”. I’ve converted to WordPress, but I’d rather like to get my old entries back.

Mine’s been down for about 2 weeks now. Any news on what’s up?

Seems to be fixed now :slight_smile:

Yeah, mine seems to be fixed, but when i try to click any of the topics… I get a page not found and a long URL like this:


I changed the account name in the string to “accountname” - but that’s what I’m getting.

was there something I missed? Were we supposed to re-code our pages?

Forums are up and working for me. Blog isn’t.

Guess which one’s more important to me? :stuck_out_tongue:

Blog hehe.

You might want to contact support on that because my blog seems to be working so it might just be you down :frowning: