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I’d like to try out the SolidComponents that are listed in the Goodies section of the Web Admin Panel. When I click on “username and password” nothing happens. I’ve tried this in Mozilla, Chimera, and IE. I also turned on Java, Javascript, and pop-ups, but still couldn’t get anything to happen. Has anyone been able to create a username and password for Solid Components? Maybe this is a problem specific to my Mac OS X system or maybe it is a general problem?

Thanks for any tips about Solid Components!

looks like its still in beta stage. I wanted to try it to, and thought (since I’m also on OS X) that maybe it was something with Safari… but tried it from a Win2k box and nothing continues to happen.

Hopefully, sometime in the future it’ll work. Which is fine, cause my sites still in Demo mode.


Same thing here. I tried to create a username and pswd and I get a msg. “document contains no data”.
I guess it’s still in the beta stage and not ready for human consumption yet :slight_smile:

yep, I have a message into support on this. I tried it with IE on OSX, 9.1 & W2K. Has anyone figured this one out yet?

Hey Guys,

I’m really sorry about this problem, for some reason our connection to Solid Components has been down for a while now, and we’ve been unable to get it back up and running.

If you really want to use Solid Components and you keep getting that empty page error, email support and ask them to manually set you up with a username and password.

Then, if you go back to our “Goodies > SolidComponents” page you should be able to set the other services up.

Also, I think I should warn you we’re considering possibly dropping SolidComponents support in the future if we can’t get this problem fixed with their help sometime relatively soon.

If we were to do that, we’d still support already set up SolidComponents for a long time of course, but I just thought maybe I should mention it!


I too, got nowhere. But I tried it again last night (2/27) and, lo and behold, was assigned a user name and password for two accounts I have here at Dreamhost.

I haven’t had time to try out any of the scripts yet though.

new Dreamhost user.

I got it to generate a username and password for me, but get errors whenever I try to run any of the admin (or other) scripts at my domain.

I’ve now configured Solid Blog and Solid Forum for a client’s site. I was really hoping someone would have experience with this, but it looks like I’m the senior member in this discussion!

My problem is this: Solid Blog is crashing Netscape. Solid Forum is NOT. So I doubt it’s “the browser’s fault.” The crash occurs when I try to load the page containing the Solid Blog code into a Netscape browser in either platform (Mac or PC). I believe the problem occurs specifically during the attempt to retrieve the blog data from the server. Here are some details:

  1. When I take the blog retrieval php code - <? showBlogMain( ); ?> - OUT of the document, it loads just fine (but of course the data is missing). When I RETURN the code and try to load the page, the browser crashes again.

  2. IE does not crash in either platform. My design client, however, serves a broad customer base, and anyhow, code should really work in ALL platform/browser combinations. I detest elitist internet design.

  3. The Forum component’s code - <? showForumMain( ); ?> - does NOT crash at all.

If anyone has any ideas, I can be reached at I appreciate any insights.

[quote]My problem is this: Solid Blog is crashing Netscape. Solid Forum
is NOT. So I doubt it’s “the browser’s fault.”


It may or may not be the browser’s fault, but it’s most definitely related to the HTML being generated and not the back-end code (web browsers are strictly client-side - they more or less simply parse any HTML sent to them, regardless of the source).

While it’s hard to say in this case, my bet is that it’s Netscape 4 - a notoriously buggy, crufty browser - choking on valid HTML. Even if the HTML isn’t strictly valid, a reasonably stable web browser shouldn’t simply crash. At worst, it should throw up an error or display the page incorrectly.

We’re not really directly supporting Netscape 4 any longer, as it has horrible standards compliance, has reached around 1% market, share and is continuing to decline (thankfully!).

It’s fair to say that this is a cost/benefit issue for us. Supporting Netscape 4 often requires ugly hacks and bloated mark-up, and takes valuable time away from the development of features for the other 99% of the web. While there are certain cases where people with very old browsers are (unfortunately) limited in what browser they can run, there should be a limited expectation as to how long any company with finite resources can support it.

In any case, if you are able to isolate whatever portion of the HTML that is linked to the crash please let us know, and we’ll forward it on to Solid Arity. The best way to do this is to use your browser’s “Save As…” function to save the file to your hard-drive and find out what is causing the crash through a process of elimination.

  • Jeff @ DreamHost
  • DH Discussion Forum Admin