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I have two problems. The first and more important one is the problem of the logo. Their SolidForumPro logo is in the upper lefthand corner and I want to replace it with one I designed. You seem able to alter every aspect of the forum BUT that.

Bear in mind I’m using SolidClient Forum Pro. I understand that the other version of SolidClient Forum allows you to edit that graphic and that’s the thing that really confuses me. Why would they take that feature out of the advanced version of the script when they made both versions? It’s like buying the deluxe version of a car for more money only to discover it doesn’t have power steering but the rest of the cheaper models do. It’s got all these other features you want or need that the cheaper models don’t but a big one you do need is missing.

Now I have the option to set the template images directory so I COULD upload my own graphic with the exact same name BUT that would require downloading all the other graphics from the site and uploading them again into that same directory and I would do that but they’ve stuck index pages in all the image directories and I’m afraid I’d miss some as a result (since I can’t just open the directory of images and right click to save each one).

Is that clear? Or do I need to explain further?

The second problem is the disclaimer when people sign up. They want to change the age of consent from 13 to 18. They are running a website for local nightclubs and they feel just seeing that “13” is going to drive prospective sign-ups away.

I searched around and can’t seem to find any place to alter this.

The really frustrating part is that Solid-Arity’s website doesn’t seem to have any sort of support section for their scripts. What’s up with THAT? | | |

You really would be better off with something like phpBB (look in Goodies/One-Click Installs). This is from today’s Newsletter:

"2. No more SolidComponents!

Good job! You skipped right past that commercial with our semi-patented
DHIVO (No TM) technology. NICE. Now on to more meaty newsletter content!

Maybe the last item clued you in, but now that we’ve got this swanky new
one-click installer, SolidComponents ™ officially has both feet in
the grave!

Grimly, effective immediately you can no longer install SolidComponents
™ from our web panel. For those of you already using some of the
components, we recommend switching to the corresponding one-click
install offerings. SolidComponents ™ won’t stop working, but we
won’t keep supporting it… so if you have any problems down the line
(like say, it DOES stop working), we’re going to have to say, “Sorry
bub ™, but one-click installs are TOTALLY IT!” (SM).

I’m very sorry if you were absolutely in love with SolidComponents ™
or something, but if that’s the case, all I can do is say is “Then why
don’t you marry them?”, then run and hide behind my dad."