Solid Components


I’ve recently started using Solid Components on my site and find them quite flexible and easy to implement…

I’m curious if anyone else is using them and wiether you are wonering about the following statement on the Solid Components page:

“SolidComponents are currently free. In the future you’ll get a generous number of hits to your Components per month, and usage beyond that will be metered.”

I’m curious what DH means by generous and what their definition of “hits” is as it relates to these scripts. (i.e. I have a poll on my homepage. Every time its viewed, would that count as a hit?)

The components definitely rock and I hope that we’ll be able to continue using them without being hit with surcharges!



SolidComponents are a nice perk, aren’t they!

I use them and have been happy. I’ve harassed Support several times to get more information and I don’t think SolidStuff is something they have but don’t spend much time thinking about. They recently renewed their contract for the service and I think the functions actually runs off of the Dreamhost Servers.

Good question about what constitutes a ‘hit.’

In the three years I’ve been with Dreamhost, they’ve continually expanded what it offers to clients rather than taking away, so I’d be really surprised if this ever costs you anything extra out of your pocket. Recently they removed conuery limits for MySQL and are simply encouraging responsible use.

My biggest fear would be coming to rely on the SolidStuff and then Dreamhost deciding to discontinue the partnership. If you like and use the service, sent a positive comment to DH and let them know you value it as part of your service.

In fact, I would actually like to see the SolidGoodies we have expand. Check out the website and see the new things they’ve added.