Solid components
is a broken link in the user control panel.
the link is found on the web page that asks if you want to start using solid components, set up a user name and password.

thought you would like to know.

Help me

The solid components people might be in a little trouble. They took an older version of something another guy created and are reselling it. Someone I know looked over it and said 99% of the code is identical. There’s a newer version out, I’ll see if I can track it down.

and the link is

I guess you’re talking about this?

How would they be in violation of this licence?

well, since the link to generate a l/p isn’t working, I can’t go in and look. Also keep in mind this is the license for the current version, and my understanding is solid components uses a much older version.

Was the old version open source as well?

I’m not sure on that either. I haven’t looked into enough to know for sure. The main reason I posted that was because i know there are some bug issues in that old version which SC hasn’t fixed, and the new version doesn’t have them plus it has more features.