Socket server in shared hosting account?



I have a shared hosting account. I’ve been playing with a socket server ( to make multiuser flash apps.

Just for curiousity, I uploaded the server script and started it using the shell (the server is a java socket server). It seemed it worked, no restrictions, no errors.

However, I emailed the sales team before this idea ocurred to me, and they replied that shared hosting accounts aren’t allowed to have any type of servers.

Is this true? I mean, technically, this script run, there was no restrictions in permissions. So, technically, it’s possible. So, my guess is that, dreamhost don’t allow and they enforced it in the users policy, but not by security of the shell???

So, the shell is just limited to move, copy delete files, but that kind of use (although permitted by the shell) is not allowed by dreamhost? I want to be sure :slight_smile:


Persistant processes arn’t allowed at dreamhost. A ‘server’ is normally a persistant process, meaning that it’s running and using up server resources regardless if there’s someone on your site or not. That’s the part that’s not allwoed. If dreamhost should notice or someone complains about your server slow, then you could get into trouble.

You can use shell for all sorts of things, dreamhost is great about keeping things open so you can accomplish a lot. Just as long as you keep inside of their terms of use. You can copy, move, delete files… as well as edit them. You can also install things like your own php install, or awstats, aspell, the list goes on and on.

If dreamhost says it’s a no go, it’s definatly a no go.