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I’m creating a social networking site. Was considering you site to host until I saw the 100 emails/hour send limit. What hosting should I look for? I estimate 50,000 to 2,000,00+ users, 20,000+ active usersand want the service to scale decently. Obviously, I am willing to pay more than $6 per month as the site scales. Can dreamhost handle this? Or should I be looking elsewhere?

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Want to host facebook on DH ? :wink:

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There’s no way you’d be able to host a site like that on DH. You should be looking for a dedicated server.

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I agree with them. If you want to create a networking site with 50,000 to 2,000,00 users, you should not look for shared server. I’ll suggest you to look for dedicated server or probably use your own servers.

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Rackspace seems to be pretty popular. Dunno what their prices are, though.



Definitely need dedicated hosting.

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Well, if you’re looking to spend big money on hosting, you can definitely contact pre-sales support through the following url:

They will be able to advise you of their ability to scale your hosting to support your needs.

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Facebook? I’ve heard of it …

Actually, was thinking of something with the better features of okcupid and adultfriendfinder, with a touch of myspace. It should start out slow, but likely to scale, if I am the coder I think I am.

Unfortunately, no one I know is on facebook (sad, but true).

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just how many more of “myspaces” and facebooks can we handle? i mean to keep in touch with friends you have to register with so many social sites that sometimes i think it would be better if we only had one kind of like centralised? but i am sure someone can come up with a way of linking these site together :wink: hint hint


I think the problem is two-fold:

  1. No one has quite gotten social networking working quite right. MySpace and Facebook (and Linked-In) have come very close for their demographic, but they haven’t broken out past those demographics.
  2. As with many of these such things, the prospect of monetization draws people to create clone sites in the hopes of future riches.

I’m not saying that either of these things is bad, I kind of think of it as “The American Way” - in the freedom to succeed sense, not the jingoistic sense. Entrepreneurship and hard-working small-business people at their finest!

To ask a different question that many people feel very strongly about: How many wikis do we need?

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I think the OP need a clustered hosting, right ? As it need very high scalable if it succeed to be a popular social networking site.


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