Social media "goodie"?

Hello everyone!

My mother mentioned making a site for her and her friends to upload their art, so she would have to create a member system where people create accounts, sign in and upload their art to their profile and perhaps some info about themselves etc…

So far I’ve only been able to make simple custom web sites running on wordpress, but this is something new. I looked through the ‘goodies’ one-click installs etc but wasn’t sure if any of them can help to achieve this - any suggestions?

Thank you


You’ll want to do some research into member and ecommerce plugins for Wordpress. I’ve used WP-Ecommerce and s2Member, both powerful, complex, yet usable plugins to the Wordpress platform that should get you close to what you want to achieve.

There’s also a tremendous community around BuddyPress (WPDEV) and their membership plugins. It’s a vast space, so get a cup of coffee!